Hey all those who come here. The time of the Sims 3 is running out and I thought, Hey lets start a legacy that was inspired by  The Ravenwood Legacy. Yes that’s very smart of me with having with full knowledge that Sims 4 is coming out this year (unless they hold it, but I doubt that as it is EA)(well it came out and I am still doing this… GO ME)

I will be uploading on a Monday and Saturday (I hope, lets see how long this will work)

Anyway this is just a something fun that I will be doing in my spare time and without further a due let’s get out the first generation

The Mother of Souls

gen 1

Click the image to start at the beginning

Menia Stormborn .:Her Story Here:.

Menia Stormborn has been an orphan since she was seven years old. With no family and no way of support she was moved to Moonlight Falls where her story starts. She has always been intimidated by fire as she lost her parents to it. With the strain of fear and pain rooted in her core can she ever live a happier life, or will her fear of fire destroy that chance. When fire threatens her life again, will she crumble or will she strive to find out why.

The Dreamer

gen 2

Click the image to start at the beginning

Aisling Stormborn .:Her Story Here:.

Aisling is lucky to in a big family like hers. She is the youngest of three and gets along with her siblings. She has come back from university for the summer to see how her family is going. It is her final year there and some things have changed since she has left. But with a threat lurking around the corner what will become of Aisling? Will she be able to save herself and see the truth of the madness or will she perish, gone forever without a soul to remember her.

The Scholar

gen 3

Click the image to start at the beginning

Kellyn Stormborn .:Her Story Here:.

Seeing the past has ignited a passion within Kellyn, a passion for the past. With a long line of witches behind her, Kellyn is ready to take the role of Generation Three heir and being the older sibling out of two means that she is protective but she also happens to be impulsive like her father. When she wants to learn more about the Simlim Witch Trials she has no choice but to seeing into the past with her own eyes. What will she find in the past and could it be possible to find a man charming enough to win her heart or will it only be the facts that she is looking at?

The Harbinger Of Death

gen 4

Click the image to start at the beginning

Rose Stormborn .:Her Story Here:.

Rose is in fear of herself. She hates her power and hates herself. She just wants to be alone but she can see the effect it has on her mother. She believes she is a monster and hates the ‘gift’ she has been given as it leaves her with nightmares and the pains of the death that only she can see. This distance from the world around her has caught the attention of someone who is nothing good. Could this person’s persistence drive her over the edge or will she be helped enough to recover.


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